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A generic software for Compliance/ISO Auditing, Building Audit Question Libraries, Audit Scheduling, Audit Result capturing, Audit rating, capturing Non-conformities & their closures. It also has powerful reporting features

About Compliance

It's a web-based Compliance application which can cater generally to all industry and specific to Apparel Industry where strict Compliance Audits are enforced upon by the buyers. This application allows the users to maintain a library of Audit Questionnaires, schedule Audits, conduct Audits, record non-conformances, corrective actions, classify Factories/Vendors based on the seriousness of non-conformances

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Following are the salient features of Compliance Application
  • Provision to build a library of Questionnaire / Audit Points with weightages and NC severity levels

  • Provision to build Audit Check-List with various Categorization

  • Customizable audit templates

  • Audit Scheduling & Conducting

  • Non-Conformance Recording based severity of which Flags will be raised on the Vendor

  • Vendor interface to view/review the Audit report and update Corrective & Preventive Actions

  • Automated reminders for audit schedule, closure of Nonconformities.

  • Intuitive dashboard reflecting the status of the Audit

  • Various report generation for Management Reviews

  • Interface to 3rd Party Applications & ERPs

  • Role-based Authorization & Security features

  • Offline auditing and upload feature