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Every penny in the Apparel Industry matters. Hence, to provide better control over pricing, it is important to have a central team to manage & maintain all pricing related database for Fabrics, Trims & Embellishments.

About Sourcing

A web-based Sourcing application to capture Vendors/Supplier related information along with Pricing, Inco Terms and validity period for Fabrics, Sewing Trims, Packing Trims and Embellishments

This information in turn can be used in the Costing Application and later on in the Purchases

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Following are the salient features of Sourcing Application
  • Pricing info with validity period captured for Fabrics, Trims & Embellishments

  • Pricing calculation done in a very detailed level (at Sq.Cm level) for Packing Trims like Poly & Cartons, for both Adhesive & Non-Adhesive versions

  • Very intuitive tree-structured Master maintenance for Trims Category & Trims Master

  • Detailed Fabric Master with composition, construction, structure, width, thickness, Dye Route, Dye Route Type, Color etc…

  • Very informative dashboard showing trends in pricing

  • Can be tightly coupled with Costing Module

  • Role-based Authorization & Security features

  • Work-flow based Pricing Approvals