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Garment Costing forms a very important phase in the Apparel Industry right from Order intake to manufacturing to delivery. Margins are wafer thin; hence the need to do costing at a very detailed level is mandated

About Costing

A web-based Costing application with a Top-Down approach i.e. initial high level costing is done for Fabrics, Sewing Trims, Packing Trims, Embellishments and CM Charges and Gross Margin is arrived at by changing the Selling Price.

Once the price is agreed upon with the buyer, a detailed costing will be done at each section level with a Cap on the section-level cost. This detailed costing will give a more accurate picture in terms of BOM and overall cost of the Garment with actual Gross Margin

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Following are the salient features of Costing Application
  • Summarized Costing with Margin calculation for on-spot decision making

  • Detailed Costing derived from summarized Costing with actual gross Margin

  • Work-Flow enabled Margin Approval System, specific to Organizations' business rules

  • Intuitive Dashboard showing various stages of Costing

  • Seamless integration with 3rd Party Applications and ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft)

  • Version Management

  • Mobile App integration (both iOS & Android)

  • Role-based Authorization & Security features

  • Can be tightly integrated to Techpacker and Sourcing Applications or work as an independent application