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Fashion is the lifeline of humans across worldwide, be it among youths, middle aged people, senior people, boys and girls. In this world of digital and social media age, the urge for people to show up in their best attires for different occasions is a never ending quench for fashion thirst.


There are enormous industries across globe in the business of fashion design and production to fulfill the challenges of customers demand for new attires. The fashion design industry is facing a number of challenges to seamlessly, efficiently and in a time bound manner develop the fashion designs and quickly make them available to markets.

Customer Retention is our Strength. and we dwell on it…

To address such and other various optimization challenges and using the technology, we at eVASS, have developed a world class eVASS TECH PACK Management & Sample Processing product solution which can quickly and seamlessly automate end-to-end fashion design industry in a shortest time.

This product is proved highly efficient as the same is operational as their life line for a large apparel global fashion Design and Sourcing Company with headquarters in London and with manufacturing vendors spread across South Asia, and their customers being the top fashion brands across Europe, USA, Asia.

Following are the salient features of eVASS TECH PACK and sample development which were delivered, successfully implemented and currently under maintenance/enhancements.
  • Cloud based highly scalable solution.

  • Multi Role Access for Designers, Merchandisers, Sample development teams, Factories, QA teams.

  • Work flow based approach for tasks which helps quick action on assigned tasks among users

  • Seamless development of design and create the instructions and associated components to turn the design to a finished product.

  • Design Instructions (specifications sheet) include, but not limited to Product sketches, Fabrics Trims, Points of Measurements etc

  • Auto tracker for any Design revisions, changes

  • Helps create professional tech packs quickly

  • No technology investments as this product is developed using open source technology and hosted on cloud platform.

  • Application can be accessed from any location

  • Seamless collaboration between Design teams and Sample Development Team

  • Reusable Design components thereby increasing design team productivity

  • Highly secured data, exportable in any of the standard formats like PDF, Excel and image files

  • Generate Techpack at one click.

  • Sample tracker to track movement of the Samples.

  • Pre-defined templates for quicker designs.

  • Create Tech Packs in minutes by putting together images quickly.

  • A very concise and precise Dashboard for a quick analysis of work in progress.

  • Very useful Reports and Charts to take a quick glimpse of the work.

  • A quick and efficient master data creation with facility to quickly import data

  • Track samples by Style reference No and unique reference codes and further to design images. Further they can also be tracked to Customers, Season etc.

  • Sample Creation stages can be tracked like sewing, washing, trimming, dispatch etc.

  • Interactive chat messages and message boards for quick conversations and collaborations among teams.

  • A comprehensive fabric management right from Fabric Ordering, Receipts to issue.